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saying hello to a counsellor

on March 30, 2012

Do you do it with a smile, a more business-like hand shake, or a rather warmer hug ?

These are questions that tested my psyche when first meeting fellow therapists at our therapy Centre.  As a therapist I imagined i should be able to sense what an appropriate way was but i found myself slipping down a stereotypical slope before we’d actually met. and if i struggled with other therapists how am i going to get on with clients?

I do rather like the very relaxed low five (well that’s what i call it), but when i lifted my hand in the air as the start of a very laid back, rather chillled mutual hand clasp, the other person flinched,  looking as though I was about to smack them..

Perhaps i should say that at 6`5″ if i lift my arm above my head, it is a long way to come down for a smaller person, so perhaps it doesn’t look at all chilled to them.. my kids start banging hands and elbows as though everybody in the world is doing it but that must be the domain of younger people..




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