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Shame Workshop

Fraid the Shame workshop in October is now full up, but there are still spaces on the Couples Counselling workshop in December.
Contact for more info.

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Who would want to do a workshop on shame?! Quite a few apparently, as there are only two places left on the workshop in October at Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre…


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Medical Feelings

If feelings are what make us human, why does the medical model of health treat a patient’s feelings as though they don’t exist?


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Moral Compass, Democracy and Banking in UK

My mate Boris who lives in Russia asked me how Britain’s superior democracy generated the same problems as Russia.

He said you seem to have institutionalised racism in the police,  greedy and corrupt banks, all-powerful media owners who can lean on politicians and the police,  just as they do in Russia.

Yes, perhaps not a time for us to be preaching to others but it left me wondering who holds the moral compass for our country.  I imagined it was the politicians , but they seem powerless or preoccupied with other priorities – like getting elected maybe.

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saying hello to a counsellor

Do you do it with a smile, a more business-like hand shake, or a rather warmer hug ?

These are questions that tested my psyche when first meeting fellow therapists at our therapy Centre.  As a therapist I imagined i should be able to sense what an appropriate way was but i found myself slipping down a stereotypical slope before we’d actually met. and if i struggled with other therapists how am i going to get on with clients?

I do rather like the very relaxed low five (well that’s what i call it), but when i lifted my hand in the air as the start of a very laid back, rather chillled mutual hand clasp, the other person flinched,  looking as though I was about to smack them..

Perhaps i should say that at 6`5″ if i lift my arm above my head, it is a long way to come down for a smaller person, so perhaps it doesn’t look at all chilled to them.. my kids start banging hands and elbows as though everybody in the world is doing it but that must be the domain of younger people..



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